Trocomordedor – Trocomordedor

Artist: Trocomordedor
title: Trocomordedor
cat: Plataforma 49
keyword: Noise
label: Plataforma Recs

Alarms, the funny kind! You know the ones you can attach to a steer of a bicycle and press to scare the other cyclists? Think about them all being pumped up, altered and screwed up to sound like tooth drills, robot whistles and other forms of pure madness! That’s a bit how Trocomordedor’s Trocomordedor sound like to my ears. I’m sure someone else may experience something else, but whatever it is, it is quite a hectic expression! The only way these sounds could have been created is by delocatibg and rewiring the internal cables of crazy ass toys! It’s a comical noisy madness that keeps the daring listeners entertained for at least 20 minutes!

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