Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol. 9

Artist: Various
title: Tape Safe Anthology Vol. 9
keywords: sountrack, ambient, electronic, lo-fi, post-rock, noise
label: Tape-Safe

CST bites this new compilation of the Belgian Tape-Safe label off by ringing happy church bells and of course the sound of biting apples!
In other words stop what you were doing and come over to hear this interesting collection of free music!

Volâme brings in the relaxing tones of nature while playing a melodic compliment to the environment. it’s adorable in it’s petite ness.

‘La Santa’ by APF needs you to push the volume up a bit as it comes across very soft and fragile in sound. It starts with some organ playing a melody ending in a warm tone that reveals a warm high sound of experimental origin that decorates some samples of people talking in French.

Dramavinile is bringing a warm and mysteriously pleasant work called ‘close’. It has a voice combined within a winter-ish sounding music that seems to go for a calming effect on its listeners.

Mutantbeatnix has stepped probably on the tale of a cat and managed to record and place it in the experimental track with the name ‘parallax’. The name is probably hinting to the parallel universe that this music is taking us. The sounds are moving like an organic train from outer space that speeds up to its quickest gear and to end in some soft semi jazzy drumroll.

CST makes another appearance, this time a short recording of an obviously pleasant moment. Think Field recordings of birds, playing children, footsteps & dogs barking on a friendly day…

Rafael Gonzáles brings more experiment to the showcase. We hear manipulated sounds recordings, probably tweaked around on tape for the best results.

Than a very strange, but excellent tune by DRIVE WITH A DEAD GIRL. It’s warm and monstrous at the same time, jumping from strange darkness to happy jumping freestyle punk. There is no reason to describe this ‘Lena’ track as you should definitely check it out for yourself!

Than a less subtle track by the tape manipulator; Rafael Gonzáles. The tape get screwed, speeded up, pushed to its limit creating an effect of madness that makes me think of a mouse playing a children’s keyboard while a storm blows away the house..

‘white plastic spaceship’ by Rory Storm kidnaps the ears to a eerie and drowned world. A place that proofs that even the most breathtaking form of ambient can come across as sinister, somehow slightly evil. I wouldn’t completely trust that White Plastic Spaceship if I was you.

Dramavinile returns with a track called ‘isolation/V’. It mixes the beauty and humanity of acoustics with the more experimental side of music. The result is pretty as if listening to music making dream catchers.

LndMKR’s Bloody Blue is next to ‘luna’ another personal favorite on this compilation. It is a track beautifully captured in lo-fi with a very nice chilled out space guitar playing around a steady programmed beat, and spacious background synths. When the beat disappears the guitar plunges into mysterious improvisation that is a delight to my ears. It makes me very curious to the other parts of this ‘bloody blue’ session. Good for psychedelic chill out times!

Le Synthétiseur brings a tiny snippet of its art to the compilation, a tiny sparkle of melodic music that hopefully can be heard in a longer set somewhere in the future.

APF comes back with a track called ‘Probes Misterios’, which is a title that in this case perfectly fits its content. It is a mysterious piece that does it’s best to be kept as a mystery. So don’t expect any hints from your reviewer writing how it might sound like as than it would perhaps lose its charm of being mysterious.

DRIVE WITH A DEAD GIRL makes another and lasting experience by delivering a strange and dark audio trip called ‘car crash’ . It is all the way up there in music quality. It combines everything that is great of alternative indie and experimental music and melts it into this very original style of its own. It’s comes out as melodic noise rock, metal, sludge, punk, psychedelic, pretty fantasy music! Absolutely unique and probably the best discovery featured on this compilation.

Dramavinile is the one that guides us all towards the end. it is done with a pretty and affectionate song that sounds dramatic but also meaningful at the same time. A good time to pray for peace perhaps..

The prayers are being heard as for the last time CST brings ‘Peace #3’ to end this compilation. It comes across as a recording in the early openings hours of a restaurant. Good cause listening to this wonderful collection of experimental music makes not only peaceful but also kind of hungry!
Enjoy this compilation for free at the following link:


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