Ethyl Snowman – The Restaurant

artist: Ethyl Snowman
title: The Restaurant
keyword: Harsh Noise Wall

Welcome at Ethyl Snowman’s The Restaurant. The tables are harsh, the chairs are hard and the menu is simple. As an aperitif you will be able to consume stones,  perhaps to get yourself in the mood for the one and lonely main course. A set of fluffy freshly baked and still burning hot from the grill: harsh noise wall. There is no sauce, no sugar or salt; you just have to consume it as it is.

You might break all your teeth, but don’t think the employees at The Restaurant will give you any service than harsh service. No smiles, no tips, no desserts and no coffee.. This is not just a restaurant, this is The Restaurant. A place with one only purpose to be the diner for the ultimate Harsh Noise Consumer. Couples, singles, families might come and visit and hang out for about an hour.

Getting crunched is the specialty and probably the main purpose of The Restaurant. We might go disco bowling afterwards, but now we just stare at each other’s faceless faces, grind our teeth on uneatable harshies and relax.

The Restaurant might not be for everyone, but I’m sure it doesn’t want to be! So only specific people, couples and families who enjoy dining in a stable harshness will be catered for satisfaction, the rest might move on to someplace else, or end up as dinner themselves.

Getting grinded as a pulp isn’t that hard to imagine as one of the activities at The Restaurant. Anyway, in case you want to try it out, something else than cheese fondue, expect no flowers and table cloths or cutlery, but one long stable hash noise track for the freaks, than please proceed to The Restaurant:

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