Poetryamenita – Divination

Artist: Poetryamenita
title: Divination
keywords:ambient, avant-garde, dark ambient, electronic, fairytale, gothic, meditation, poetry, spoken word,
lbel: Phantasma Disques

We get a lot of requests delivered by the online mail delivery. Some are by big time labels doing undercover underground work, but most of them are hand typed by troubled artists that believe their music sucks in some way or another.

One of these cases was  Poetryamenita , who was hoping to get some kind of feedback for the music but was definitely hinting that it might be not so great, perhaps it is the usual insecurity that a poet or music maker faces when dribbling in their own world of audio art. Who cares and who decides if something is good or bad? We all know a hover can suck, but when a hover dies; it still might suck! In any case if something is made with passion, or with fire or an point of view that is perhaps personal and not everyone’s cup of tea, it might also conquer some people their hearts when some kind of extraordinary connection has been established. I write too many words for something that could be just described so much more to the point:
The music captured on the debut release of Poetryamenita is the opposite of ‘it sucks’! It is truly magic and hypnotizing!

Poetryamenita knows how to captivate us by surrounding our ears with grotesque beauty. From the first track called ‘journey of fear’ it is clear that we are dealing with a very special album. Something that we do not do justice by listening while sitting up straight, but needs to be experienced while being in a horizontal position, resting your body on something soft, a comfortable mattress would do I guess. If you are all in position you should just relax, concentrate on not forgetting to inhale and exhale air and just dream away when the poetic world of Poetryamenita takes over all your senses.

It all begins by bringing us through different layers of nature where we meet the voice of mysterious knowledge that talks to us her poetry that goes straight for our troubled minds.

We are at the hands now of Poetryamenita, all our senses are focused on the music, the calming sounds and the voice that sounds trustworthy, soothing and perhaps even nymph-like. A poet that you just know has the best thing in mind for you and your life, someone you just have to give into to fully experience this realm of seducing and calming beauty.

Just close your eyes and focus on the words, let it stimulate your imagination as we float while we give ourself to the ‘red goddess’, to reach a momentum that is difficult to describe as it is necessary to be experienced individually. It’s beautiful and warm and strangely romantic.

It’s like having a date with a oracle who can speak to nature and the spirits that it contains. She translate it through words, whispers, in combination with the perfect fitting minimal tones and sounds. It’s like having the ultimate ‘new age’ experience when giving yourself completely to  the world created by Poetryamenita.

You will be half way surprised when the poetic words are suddenly switched from English to German but it helps to go even deeper in this soothing meditative experience. If you have reached this part of the album you might be so in trance that all sounds and words are all part of a trip, a dream that makes reality unreal & unreality real.

When reaching the angelic side that hangs in a slight dark veil of ‘Torment’ Poetryamenita combines serene beauty with some sinister undertones. It’s magic, not just as a way of speaking but really; it’s magic!

With the tormenting heaven moment also this album and the sound session comes to an end. But the album isn’t over as it now makes place for two remixes of the openings track. Journey of Fear M‡яc▲ll▲rєsǿlұє miҳ gives it a nice but dark electro Goth taste in so well atmosphere as approach. The horizontal position has now ended and it feels as if it’s now the moment to rise up slowly and dance with our hands in the air and in front of our face like the witches and vampires do. It is a powerful feeling although it also comes across as a bringer of sadness. The Hollow Press remix goes closer to the original version of the track so we might find a grave to chill out on while the last whispery words last.

If you are in the mood for an poetic tour of new age music with a slight hint of darkness than this record might be something to sink deep in, meditate with and do some good cleaning of the mind.
Get this album over at the following link:

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