Mystified – Eschate Thule



Artist: Mystified
Title: Eschate Thule
Keywords: Drone
format: digital download
Label: Cryo Chamber

Thule, a mythical place in the far northern regions of our world where many seamonsters have been seen, ships have wrecked and where mermaids are supposed to live. Frozen and barren landscapes dominate this long forgotten island. Winds pounder against the ridges  of a high mountain chain that runs almost completely around the outmost part, almost touching the shoreline.


We set foot on this island from our ship of the imagination. Snow gets in our face and our hands instantly begin to tingle from the below zero temperature. They said this was the nicest part of the island.


Far away in the distance we see a small hut with smoke coming out of its chimney. We run as fast as we can to our shelter. Opening the door, we find four people sleeping under, what looks like, sheepskin. Not wanting to wake them from their dreams, we settle ourselves in the corner. Our eyes get heavy.


The next morning we wake by the sound and warmth of a crackling fire. Our fellow, but still unknown friends, wake us up with a friendly face. They invite us to their breakfast of bread, milk and honey. They tell us that they are the only inhabitants of this barren tundra. They find it strange that we came from the Bering Strait as it is the most difficult way to reach their lands since the end of the war between the different fractions of the WORLD (Wide Organization of Robots Lords Democracy).

After breakfast they set out to hunt for food for diner. We are left alone with our equipment. We set up our equipment just outside of the hut, as the winds and snowstorm increases. We are barely able to see the gloved hands.


Finally, a break in the clouds. As they winds lay down, the snow seizes and the sun comes out, we are ready for our expedition.  Our radars have been set up to align with the satellites that have been put up in orbit before the great war. This way we should be able to complete the worldwide grid and create a big defense shield to deflect any interstellar attackers who have picked up the distress signals from the depleting robot forces. We open the antennas and try to pinpoint the locating of the satellite. It should directly above our heads. After trying for several times we get a lock on the satellite. The ground begins to shake as the base of the antenna draws the energy needed for the grid from the earth.


We don’t need to stay in this place any longer. We hurry back to the hut to gather our stuff and want to walk back to our ship. At the same time our companions come back from their hunt and ask us if we would like to stay for dinner. They have brought back some small animals and flowers that bloom on the other side of the mountains. We ask them how they managed to get over the mountains and back within a few hours.

Their eyes begin to glow and a big smile appear in their faces. The take out some small arms from under their jackets and point them at us. They force us to move outside of the hut and point us at a faint point in the distance. We have to walk there.

When we arrive we find some of the supposedly dismantled robots from one of the fractions. They have reanimated them and use them to get over the mountains. Their eyes begin to glow again.


Finally we realize that they are also robots. One of the winning fractions. They destroy our antenna and the grid begins to evaporate. We try to flee but get banged on the backside of our heads. We only see static.




This review is my first after a hiatus of about a half year. The sounds penetrated my brain and demanded me to write this review the way I did.

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