tgpo – Do as you’re told

Artist: tgpo
Title: Do as you’re told
Keywords: alterntive, punk, indie
format: floppy diskette
Label: Weakie Discs

Poland’s one and only Weakie Disc label has been on a roll lately. They have been leaking information about great upcoming releases and now all these collectible goodies seem to pop up like pretty flowers! The label for sure stands out in not only being a platform for a certain kind of alternative humane kind of music but also in the many ways they release their cherished artist’s audio content.

The latest singles released by the label are all available on the music medium of the future: floppy diskette!  Upon request they could be for whatever reason be burned on CDr or delivered through digital download.  The sky of this nice label seems to be the limit and it’s of course up to the listener to choose its own ‘weapon’ to collect, but the Floppy Diskette would be without doubt looking gorgeous in any well respected music collection!tgpo’s release is definitely out there among those collectible goodies. Rocking that Floppy like no other and delivering two exclusive songs that are worth to play on repeat all day long.
Its punk that feels as if it went back in its mother’s womb where it freshened up to come out for a healthy rebirth!

Yes, Punk is not dead, Punk is reborn!

Your ears will be pleased with these songs by tgpo, how new and full of life they sound, and even more surprising is how crystal clear the lyrics are considering it being in a lower bitrate to fit on this exclusive killer floppy disc!

My ears suspect that bringing lo-fi punk rock in a lobit rate is basically like a match made in heaven! It definitely defines the status of both the music genre and release format in to the alternative zones of brilliance! Reborn Punk + Lo-fi + lobit + floppy = Awesome f*ck you ness!

So yes, this ‘Do as your told’ release can’t go wrong really and music wise it certainly has story telling value and enough energy to get even more hyped up about it.
the two tracks captured on this release are ‘battle of Kirbekan’ and ‘District League’. They are traditionally short but refreshingly clean while keeping the middle finger attitude present at all times.

What do you need to know more? What is it you are waiting for? This floppy diskette release is highly limited and at this moment there are only four copies left, so better move on quick to Weakie Discs and order these precious goodies of DIY punk! Do as your told!
Click on the link and move down and get your hands on these goodies!



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