Emanuele Fais – Confusione post-depressiva

Artist: Emanuele Fais
Title: Confusione post-depressiva
Keywords: experimental, electronic
Label: MAV [0kbps]

Are you ready for some post-depressive confusion with Emanuele Fais? Don’t worry about the sad sounding title as it not bringing over the bad depressive side of an depression but for some original reason captures the pretty sight of it. The first track ‘Escitalopram’ is like a silencer, it delivers this very interesting cool sound set made by exploring the stranger sounds coming from some kind of synthesizer. It is a silencer not because it kills all other sounds around you, but it takes attention and focus to concentrate on all the interesting ways the fragile coolness moves through this track. It’s an interesting piece to listen to and doesn’t come across all that confused or depressed.
Or might I be confused?

The next track moves from its cooler sister to what we can describe as utter darkness with nice edges. The ‘Distorsione cognitiva’ is a trippy experimental piece that combines fragile darkness stimulated by very original sound manipulations that are utterly bizarre but also extremely listenable and strangely pleasant. Emanuele Fais is definitely one of the artists to listen too if you need nonstop movement, interesting and unsuspected audio that is impossible to get bored too. It’s is really nice how it is done without making the experience fall apart in atmosphere. Nope no depression over here, or perhaps if we are sound makers and hear this excellent audio we might fall into one by thinking ‘Shit, my music is crap compared to this cheerful brilliance of Emanuele Fais..’. It is that good really, so experimental audio creators on the brink of an depression do listen with care!

Really! I’m not kidding here! If Emanuele Fais production skills did not push you over the edge with the former two showcases of experimental music, than the last track certainly will! ‘La dispersione del Caos e la quiete che ne consegue’ is a delight, taking all kinds of higher sounds and giving it a very bizarre but extremely pleasant treatment to hear. It’s like forks and spoons being half way stuck in a calm ‘beam me up Scotty’ laser beam with beautiful strange electric sounds twirling around. It is something I have not heard before and with that in mind, I take off my hat and salute this artist in admiration! Get these beautiful experiments for free at the following link:

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