XP-43 – VIEW

Artist: XP-43
title : VIEW
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, lo-fi
label: Tape-Safe http://www.tape-safe.net/

XP-43’s view might be different than ours, but it is compelling enough to jump in this small but adventurous little release called ‘view’.

DOUX  infiltrates the air with a serene balance between ambient and drone. It feels a bit like being a wind glider flying on a clear day towards a safe landing.

‘SOUS’ goes for a similar feeling although the choice of sound is very different and instead of gliding down for a safe landing it feels as this track turns us more upwards, closer and higher in the deep blue sky.

With ‘PEUR’  the artist introduces us with a stimulating groove that brings a fresh breeze to the windless afternoon. Not that it contains a windy sound, it’s just cooler in sound. You know a cold glass of liquid, sunglasses, a cigarette hanging from the lips kind of cool..

‘Born’ is a bit like hanging around in some kind of grotto with strange synth sounds bouncing slowly from wall to wall. It’s all a bit Ice cold and with this this strange release comes to its final destination. The end for this quasi review has also come, so that can only mean one thing..
..a link to the actual music!


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