Sorry – Weird

Artist: Sorry
title: Weird
keywords: experimental, vaporwave, Japan

Sorry needs no apologies for delivering a very cute little EP called ‘Weird’. It begins with the very lovely melodic composition that feels to me a bit like perfectly planned acoustic glitch progression that hit all the right tones at the right times, making it adorably cute.

What follows is a very lovely and spacious glow of lightweight warmth captured in a lengthy track called 私を殺す. It might be needed to pump up the volume a little bit to surround yourself in this pretty music that hangs between soft and fluffy drone and moving lovable minimal ambient. It makes me think of blue sky and being drowsy from sleeping pills.

Then it’s time for Sorry to proof that also a guitar dipped in distortion, with the right treatment, could be sounding quite adorable. But do not get to close as the music may have an unexpected bite just around the corner.

The last track ‘愛  is like a kiss on the forehead, a folklorish blessing that is so peaceful and wonderful in all its petiteness, that it will definitely make you sad when it fades out. The race is on; we need more beautiful music of Sorry and we need in now!  Get ‘Weird’ by Sorry over at the following link:

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