Jankenpopp – Chemtrail

Artist: Jankenpopp
title: Chemtrail
keywords: electronic, house, ambient

Jankenpopp created an open source computer game called ‘Chemtrails’. The aim of the game is to draw the longest possible line. If that doesn’t sound like a lot of kinky gaming fun, than what else does?
Get the game for free over here and have some good quality time with it!

The game is free but if you are spending lots of time to attempt to indeed draw that longest line, you might want to show its creator some support. Jankenpopp doesn’t hold up a hat for random visitors to throw some coins in, but gives away his accompanying music of the game away when you donate! In fact every coin spent on this ‘Chemtrail EP’ is not wasted on alcohol, as the artist will invest every penny on producing his next album and perhaps more free challenging games!

As we don’t really review games here (A lose rule perhaps but we have to draw a line somewhere),
It’s now a good moment to dive in and explore this cute looking ‘Chemtrail’. Let start with the beginning that is the ‘Chemtrail (VGM mix)’ and its … Beautiful!
I have to admit never to really see the beauty of spotting a chemtrail in the (what was once) blue sky, but when hearing this mix the perception changes quite directly.
It starts of as if it is a chapter of music coming from long forgotten romantic times, slowly entering the ears with a beautiful melodic composition that drags us in a state between ‘real’ music and electronic arts. There is a slight darkness halfway through but it’s nothing to worry about, it’s probably just a chemtrail covering the sun temporarily. When the end comes it’s all clear and bright and sunny again!

The house mix provides this wonderful pretty chemtrail with a beat for bright happy dancing purposes. It is difficult not to bounce your head on this little happening. Oh damn, stop your conspiracies, your whining: Jankenpopp’s Chemtrail proofs Chemtrails are delicious!

With the Chemtrail (juke mix) JANKENPOPP seems to have added rainbows, unicorns and chiptune-ish elements to the mix. Oh and groovy beats, which will even get more groovy in the last track on this EP.

Oh yes, the Chemtrail (trap mix) is one not to be missed! If all sky’s had Chemtrails like this everyone would be dancing nonstop! In fact the world would be a happier and magical place! Just space out, swing your head on that Arabic sounding line in the gorgeous base and fly yourself into the twinkling stars on the back of that unicorn! Follow that Chemtrail in the sky or just click the link and get this lovely EP over here:

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