Suffer in Vietnam / Trocomordedor – split

artist: Suffer in Vietnam / Trocomordedor
Title: split
Keywords: noise, power electronics
Label: Mindblasting

Suffer in Vietnam kicks in with a beat, than takes it away from you for some good suffering. Some other suffering fellows are screaming than moved onto a mechanic way of destruction. It sounds like a torture machine that electrifies groups of personalities and at the same time crushes them and pushes the electrified victims to the very limit. Being bathed in suffering reducing everyone to dust in this strange but also awesome sounding factory of sound.

Breeding the worm starts with a bit of noise as a starter before the real process is going forward. The worm is baked and fried, kept safe in solid boiling acid while the technical team of ‘suffer in Vietnam’ adjust knobs, testing out a diverse way of breeding the worm effectively. When the tortured worm is giving birth to a small cute little worm there is a moment of petite beauty among the crazed scientists. adoration of its adorable state perhaps, they forget all safety percussions and that’s where all goes wrong. The new born worm turns out to be a bloodthirsty gigantic growing hungry beast and kills all that is responsible for him being inbred. It’s loud and Noisy and probably well deserved!

Then Trocomordedor comes to the rescue! Armed with the track ‘Ruidomagicoparasordos’ Trocomordedor shoots and blast, burns and crashes everything that is in the way! No more worms, no more left over scientists, no buildings! Everything has got to go while our hero demolishes all in a state of   violence!

To celebrate its victory Trocomordedor sings in it’s own way a song of victory. Bombastic festive alarms are set off, automatic machine guns are fired in the air and both ears are treated differently for the most respected ways of listening to this intensive split by these two fanatic sound engineers.
Come on over and hear it all for yourself:

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