Logosamphia – eLASTIQUE

Artist: Logosamphia
title: eLASTIQUE
Keywords: diy, breakcore, chipcore, circuit bending, dance, electroacoustic, jungle, neopolka, Persian,

Logosamphia setup his gear, plugs it all in and feeds it electricity. When he is ready he feeds our ears ‘Modern ‘Phork and Cerial’ ! From out of nowhere all listeners are running around, doing activities as if we are cartoon figures! We can hear the Tom & Jerry’s ticking the food bowl on these energetic superplunderphonic chip-ish weirdo way of heaving quality breakfast time!

Than our meal gets a nice guest appearance by someone called Herman Buijs. Together with our lion friend Logosamphia he brings a fine song about ‘muscelierte kindern’. It’s like a beer garden singer went on the path of punk and gives it heart for entertainment purposes! The results are pretty intensive and gives enough boost to cut up our vegetables in a funky manner!

But while this moment of previous song and dance performance had a slight grim feeling to it,  Logosamphia lightens up its guests with some feel good happy electrollic! He takes us out for a dance, not on the moon but on Jupiter!

Once on Jupiter it’s definitely time for good fun!  ‘Cosmetique Canard’ is    the perfect music to inhale laughing gas with, let your crazy friends get out the cosmetics and paint each-others faces with colorful clown like make -up! Fuck the first man on the moon! We are dancing on a world far beyond! Pick up a banjo and jam along and find purpose in this colorful madness!

Or just jump up and down, pull tongs, happily dance around wherever you are! When Logosamphia cooks up this energetic ‘Centaure Fillet’ everybody should feel happy, jiggly and jolly! Instant happiness, audio cupcakes of rock n droll electropolka-greatness! What do we need more? Booze?

Yes! Let’s get ‘Hysterique drunk’ with Logosamphia! Let’s get the love in, dance on the ceiling, on the walls and on the toilet seat! Let these happy chiptune melodies rise the atmosphere of the party up! Jupiter is not our limit, we party beyond as Logosamphia blows it’s party whistles, wicked joys of joy of rainbow speeds! The artist provides the music for us listeners to fly on, with or without clown clown shoes we go, up and bouncing on this alcoholic sweetness! Damn, the energy is good over here and Logosamphia cracks it up even more! We break through the party dimension into never explores worlds of crazy jolliness!

Damnit, Toto! I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore! It must have been that ‘Tehran tornado’ that blew our minds away? Did I just see a whole Persian sounding band flying through? Blowing their horns while being speeded in the air by addictive breaks that serve like rocket launchers for party people? Are you still following me? Logosamphia you are killing me!
In a good way!!

If it wasn’t enough, the artist finishes it off with more energy! All jolly and joyful as we go on some cat and mouse game of sound! And this all to celebrate the solid ‘Salesman Tragedy’. I strongly believe by listening to this tune that the salesman might have sold his soul and got chased by Logosamphia and friends when wanting to sell Boy Scout cookies! Everything is hyper, hyped up, tragic but in a good way! After all we are not that salesman and we are high, extremely high on Logosamphia’s madness! If you are not listening with me, than skip this ‘review’ and move to the bottom of it all to listen this fun stuff and get infected!

Harmonique Friends is featuring Boris Oud and is a fine track to get some fresh breath, a moment to drink something before drying out from all the dancing, flying and running. It’s as if the salesman found a new profession as an organ player! Feel good times, really!

With ‘Unison Collision Expart’ Logosamphia plays the toy piano with the real thing, chip things and provides a beautiful composition of classic music to celebrate a happy ending of this blast of fun of an album! Get your source of happy party vibes over at the following link! It’s Logosamphia! You gonna love it!!

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3 Responses to Logosamphia – eLASTIQUE

  1. robis24 says:

    Real nice journey this wonderfull review. Guiding me trough the Logosamphia gallexy

  2. robis24 says:

    Really nice journey this wonderful review. Through the Logosamphia gallexy

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