Like Junk – Dolly Dolly

Artist: Like Junk
title: Dolly Dolly
keywords: Australian punk, cello, feedback, female drummer, noise, rock, piano, post-punk, punk

‘Dolly Dolly’ the latest single by Like Junk comes with the easy to follow instruction: To Be played loud!

The music is far up there in delivering an emotional and dramatic tune that sounds beautiful in all it’s recognizable depression. It rocks beautifully with a electric guitar the powerful core of it all. A piano is being played to color in the darkness like the flowers on a old abandoned grave. And a violin does its thing to make this single extra emotional, it decorates the doom in a hopelessly pretty way.

But without the passionate and quite lost sounding singer performing his lyrics of ‘Dolly Dolly’ this single would be like a slice of bread without butter. He sings with his heart out, seemingly tortured  by love, pronouncing every word like he is on the edge of crying or on the way of slicing someone’s wrists.

It’s dramatic yes, but it’s also done in a non bullshit way, making this track something directly taken out of real life. Not everything is rosemary and sunshine and ‘Dolly Dolly’ is there for you when on the edge of sadness or hurt, to perhaps hook on to as a warm shoulder of an equally lost friend.

Beautiful dark music that is worth to be played loud; to sink in and to cry along with. But be careful, this single is addictive! You might find yourself spinning it on repeat, humming the melodies and cry/sing along with the lyrics of ‘Dolly Dolly’.
If that sounds like your thing than hear it over at the following link:

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