Laundry League – Visualized (None)

Laundry League - Visualized

In the hazy glow of a typical laundry day on mushrooms comes the album art for Visualized, by Laundry League. No lint here; just cleanly fabrics, faded from years of detergent use.

Artist: Laundry League
Title: Visualized
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Electronic, Dream Pop, Experimental Pop, Indie Pop, Shoegaze
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

We recently received another request to review a wondrous piece of music at YIKIS! This time from an artist residing in NY, NY. Let’s listen… I’ll fly us there on a jet made of sunshine and starbeams.

Our destination, of course, is the laundromat, where you’ll be getting a deep cycle of downy-soft grooves, starting with a track called ‘M8TOLAST’, which reads to me a bit like a license plate. I’m struck hard by buzzy, warm synth sounds, 808 — including that delectable cowbell — and some really nice vocals that seem to drift within very nicely! It’s very dream-wave, with a slight shuffle almost to the groove of it that makes it feel almost drowsy, like trying to dance on xanax.

Next is one of my absolute faves, really a modern synth masterpiece, titled ‘Anna’. The melodies and harmonies are gorgeous and lush, comprised of lovely synth strings that fill the whole space of the mix and reverberate with feedback. It’s wave-y, shoegazy… is shoewave a thing? I guess then it would just be a matter of finding the shoe that fits this sound. We’re not going to put them in the wash, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work, though I’ve never tried it myself. The shoe I’m feeling is maybe something of cloth, though. A worn-out sneaker of some kind.

Oh, next is ‘Adonic’, another nice piece of music that begins with a hollowed out sounding electro drum beat, upon which are added some very cool, almost r&b vocals… and more of those wonderful synths! Gotta say, this album’s got a great style running through the whole thing so far. At the end, with a small space of silence, we are then treated to a dried string synth as it wisps through.

Then, ‘Feelight’. This is another one of my faves on here. I’m loving the distorted 808 groove, synth arpeggios… a lot of these synths sound possibly hand-played, and yet they are played so disarmingly well if this is true, that it’s barely noticeable. You’re almost more inclined to believe they were all sequenced in just such a way to sound off, if only slightly, but I don’t know what to believe. This is a really great track, though. Bright synths, distorted grooves, more lovely vox!

‘XXXO’ brings in a crunchy guitar and more distorted electro grooves! This one’s really awesome. I want to hear this play loudly in a large space filled with uninhibited dreamers and dancers.

‘Done Yourself’ is a beautiful, highly evocative dream. Very shoegazy intro, with a clippy distorted, really bitcrunched rhythm. Vast vocals, deep bass. I feel like just laying in the dark with this music, a room filled with pleasant dense fog of incense and violet light.

The final track is ‘Tried’, which feels sonically warped with the guitar, really nice! The groove is choppy 808, clicking in the background. I hear tube spring clicks every so often. The vocals float by serenely.

This album very much impressed me with its stylism, warm mood, emotions; it’s an enticing combination of excellent song-writing, shining talent, and home-brew amateur pop sensibilities. Very introspective, but mixed to not sound closed off, but very wide and open. You really must hear it, so to that end, I will provide you with the link. So nice!

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