Alex Spalding – Nightshade (single)

Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: Nightshade
Keywords: electronic, electro, synth pop
Label: X.O.S. Musick

The most difficult things to review is music that hit all the right tones, deliver the right melodies, uses the right structures, created with the best possible sounds. As you might have noticed that there aren’t many empty reviews featured on YIKIS, so having all these elements together are or a rarity, or perhaps so difficult to write about that they just never seemed to end up in a review.

I guess it’s the latest point, as there are many releases that pop by that are simply almost non-reviewable.
I’m sure anyone who tend to write about music will come across this problem, it’s just a personal thing how to deal with it really. I tend to make the horrible mistake by skipping it all. Like ‘nah, too good’ or ‘hmm this is good, nope can’t review that’. Sometimes it results in a story, trying to go through side roads, talking about track titles, tickling titties and a blast of mindful gibberish.

I have for example a problem reviewing the work of underground legend Adam Crammond. His work as Graffiti Mechanism or C4 is so good, no matter what he cooks up (from techno, ambient to noise) it’s just simply wowing my mind away, making it impossible to find words to write down ‘how great it is!’.

The same problem I have is with this person called Alex Spalding’s latest output. From experimental noise to chiptune to these finer points of warm electronic music is for sure something that is ‘my cup of tea’ or ‘rows my boat’, but what to write about it? A review consisting of only the words ‘BOING!’ or ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’ is just simply not a real review.

This is why I type all these words here at the moment. Hiding the fact that I have no words to say how great this music is that I was supposed to review over here. I seriously tried it, I seriously did. In fact this ‘review’ might be the 9th attempt to get something on paper.
So forgive me if I just finally publish it in all the non informative way it could get.

The release in question is a short one, containing just two short tracks . But even though short, it is still impossible to get something sensible on paper for it. Or perhaps making it even harder! Who knows! It’s a single called ‘Nightshade’ and it sounds indeed like a nightshade, but not a cold one but a soft pleasurable one to sit in after experiencing a warm beautiful day. The all-round vibe that I get is listening to something that could come out of the Aphex twin ambient stable. You know the place where all these other genius horses are stalled, making more indescribable electronic prettiness.
The ‘nightshade’ comes and passes by in a way that a shadow moves, cool, lean and adaptable to it’s environment. I love it very much.

The other track featured on this non-reviewable single is a track called ‘Babylon Wastebasket’. It is seriously of outstanding quality, mixing groove with electro funk, spacious synthesizer works, phat sounds and basically is so perfect in so well melody, structure and sound that it’s just impossible to tell you otherwise. Pretty electronic music that is way too short perhaps, but will definitely warm you up (or cool you down) to look forward what this artist is cooking up in the near future!

Get this fresh sounding single over here:

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