Cate Wurtz – April

artist: Cate Wurtz
title: April
keywords: electronic, lo-fi, psychedelic,

Cate Wurtz is the bringer of cartoonish lofi madness! A madness that is fun, pleasurable and probably insane! But the great thing is that Cate Wurtz keeps it all well enough together to make it all funky and danceable. Cate’s work starts with a tune called ‘Standing Room’ that brings back memories of the high days of brain dance, but in a surprisingly new coat! Or perhaps a dress! It builds up from a simple loop, to crazy friendliness to a serious pushing dance vibe!

With ‘Lake Route’ the artist composes a lovable melodic track that uses not so ordinary sounds as the performers. It feels as if the artist sampled block flutes, perhaps chopped up vocals, or just regular feathers floating around.
When Cate introduces a four by four beat at the end, the cuteness moves along as if we have moved on to a crazy train.

‘Silver’ is another work that feels like it is done with the use of home baked samples or extra ordinary crafter synthesizer sounds, providing a certain madness that feels slightly darker and more twisted than the previous heard tracks. Half way through it turns into an absurdness that swims on a rhythm with hints of free form electro jazz. Than when you think it can’t be possible to get even more crazier, the music twists up, goes into ultra natter space and you are invited! Hook on to this stimulating craziness and dance like some disco polka zombie around the living room! This track contains a great mood shifter, and is acquired listening if you have a love for the stranger side of experimental dance music.

More sweetness comes in the track called ‘Lollipop’. It swings and spreads the vibes of total weirdness quite gracefully. It is like tripping in a weird uncomfortable position and seeing your friends change into monkey’s while hysterically laughing about it! It’s good times, especially when loaded on unprescribed medications.

With ‘Ought’ Cate Wurtz starts with more petite sounding sounds, but even them are just the berry on top of the cake as soon the tune transforms in the hyper weirdo dance that we all so much love and adore. There is this never ending speedy feel to it, small time friendly craziness that keeps the feet occupied with dancing, and the brain melting with lucid dreams of sweet things like pancakes, lollipops and cookies!

On the magical number of track 6 we find a track called ‘Cement Paveway’. It doesn’t sound so much concrete, but perhaps it’s more describing the change of how the cement of the pave way is all bouncy and bubbly after going through a certain mind set of munching on psychedelics. We find ourself stuff in a glitch solo ending as we jump and bounce on the boundaries of a solid floor.

Than Cate Wurtz comes up with a track called ‘Vast’ , which is like we are having a date with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds to celebrate here unbirthday. It is nice and slow, ultra deep with multiple layers to explore.
After an drowning moment somewhere in the middle, the music starts to change the vibe dramatically and the faces of your friends, or from your self (if you happen to listen to this and check your self in the mirror at the same time) might change, melt & transform.

The last track of this very cool and pretty original release is called number ‘9’. Which might be the number assigned to craziness, but Cate Wurtz sees this as a positive thing and uses this tune to bring back a nice tripped out dance track for the spaced out minded listeners under us! It’s like strange horns being played through some tracker, creating a blissful melodic performance that come straight out of another dimension. One with colorful colors and love! An epic and friendly way to end this release!
Absolutely recommended if you are into hearing something original and unique! Madness it may be, but it certainly is beautiful too!
Get it over at the following link and get connected to the wonderful dimension of Cate Wurtz:

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