Psychic Friends – Blissed Out (single)

Artist: Psychic Friends
title: Blissed Out (single)
keywords: electronic, experimental, psychic, ambient, industrial, psychedelic

Psychic Friends’ we all should have a couple of them. But sometimes it’s hard to find them cause they mostly live in different reality’s or hard-to-get-secret dimensions.
But if you are one of these Psychic Friendless people than we have a beautiful solution for you!
It’s a project called ‘Psychic Friends’! It isn’t a dating bureau to meet psychic friends, neither is it a tripped out weirdo that wants to occupy your living room. It is a music project and one that makes the human version of psychic friends less more important.

They just released a single coming from their debut album. It is called ‘Blissed Out’ and is probably made being blissed out and aiming to bliss you out along the way. So how does it sound? It starts with a tiny hint of laid back jazziness, just to get you in the mood and get you settled down.

Before realizing the ‘Blissed Out-ness’ maneuvers itself in by unleashing a dark but spaced out realm where a big trip-hop beat dominates the low undertones of base music. It is in my opinion a little bit too short to get the right comfortableness to fully get that feeling of blissing out, but as it is a ‘single’ the time length might be done on purpose for radio play friendliness. After all not only the underground but also the obnoxious radio listeners deserve some kind of blessing of these Psychic Friends.

There is another track called ‘Mistaking The Trix Rabbit For Jesus’ which personally feels as something more daring and new than the original main track. It is perhaps not that radio friendly, but f*ck em who listens to radio if you can plug into alternative waves to communicate with psychic friends and hear their music as it is intended?

‘Mistaking The Trix Rabbit For Jesus’ is doing it for me, it is being that ‘psychic friend’ delivering that promised state of spaced out relaxing bliss. It combines a rather robust sound of rhythmic industrial to give the ambience a nice punch in the face. It is as it gives a slap on the shoulder as good friends do, and then supply a warm glow of feel good friendliness through physic ways!

Oh yes, these are the Psychic Friends that everyone deserve to have in their life! Outside a bit hard, bold and standing firmly in their shoes, while from the inside full of spiritual psychic love! Want to know more about them? Please hit them up at the Psychic Friends Club:

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