Flat Affect & Krll – Peeled Sessions

artists: Flat Affect & Krll
Title: Peeled Sessions
cat: FSN 07
Keywords: soundscape, experimental, gothic, horror,  audio collage
Label: Fork & Spoon Records http://forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com

Flat Affect & Krll (formerly known as: maggot launcher) came together for some ‘peeled sessions’. Now it’s out on Fork and Spoon Records and ready to be unloaded in both your ears, or in any other set of ears it might find. The first track is called ‘Dom Dial Rottiserie Creole’ and is pretty special. I don’t know about you listeners, but to me this abstract cluttering sound tele-transport me to eighties century streets of Paris. A gothic adventure among the old buildings, directing towards that legendary grave yard where Jim Morrison has been buried. There we meet a slimy Gollum that preaches and whispers its unclear story.

The sound of cluttering keeps us warm and comfortable as if it hangs between the sound of an old fashioned horse wagon rolling on the old wet stones of the street and the hoofs of the horse that pulls it. It’s kind of romantic, even with this creepy Gollum whispering in our ears. Perhaps it says ‘my precious, my precious’ but than the non-Hollywood way! Either way, even this character does come across friendly.

Than these two artists bring a track to the table named ‘Eat’. It transport my imagination somewhere in the middle of an open spot in the graveyard where nymphs are sitting on some decayed graves entertaining a couple of dirty mouthed trolls that are munching on a fresh buried body that they dug up to feast on. They order us respectively to join them to ‘eat’ and have intercourse with the so called professional improvised meal.  It is visual wise perhaps more gruesome than it sounds, but I’m sure it comes close with the feeling that these two sound artists wanted to provide. Well-made and twisted!

The last track is ‘Sated’ and comes across as being made with the Iron Gate that gives way to a rather large tomb. It is exciting while we listen on our toes to the provided bits and pieces on information across emptiness. We hear a female being slapped or in pain and then flapping away like a bat from a dark cave. Perhaps this audio place is a restricted location but for all you daring listeners you might want to check it out anyway. Climb over the gate and enjoy your own imagination melting together with the soundscapes of Flat Affect & Krll!

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