James Breeze – What Is It You Would Have Me Do?

Artist: James Breeze
title: What Is It You Would Have Me Do?
keywords: electronica, electronic, ambient, industrial
label: Fwonk http://fwonk.co.uk/

When an artist asks the question ‘What is it you would have me do? There is this sarcastic side in me that says horrible things as ‘eat your shit’, run a marathon, visit a beauty farm..

But when James Breeze uses this question as the title for his online two track release, my thoughts are silenced. James Breeze can do everything music wise and that’s why he isn’t afraid to write it down as conformation. His track starts with a pretty showcase of him showing his friendly side, performing his own composition of lovely melodies.

Half way through he moves style and direction and basically shows of his more evil side. What is it you would have me do’ is sounding now more as a threat than anything else! James Breeze track is as if we are dealing here with doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde! Which one you want to deal with? The friendly one who plays so well these lovable melodies or the grimmer one that flirts big time with dark gothic material? It’s like basically saying; hands off! If you font like my pretty sweet and softer side of playing, my other half will remove your head and hang it above the chimney.

The second track ‘vitriolic’ is different than the yin & yang work of the previous track. This one is sounding as the two opposites of characters are agreed to stick together as one. The result is a friendly/dark, happy/unhappy heaven like/hell like goodie piece of beat and base orientated music. It feels slightly eighties in sound, but that’s good because everyone loves the eighties here!

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1 Response to James Breeze – What Is It You Would Have Me Do?

  1. eternitytr33 says:

    Woohoo Fwonk! Lovely release

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