The Unknown Tent Musicians

... yeah, it was kinda like this, only WAY smaller-scale

… yeah, it was kinda like this, only WAY smaller-scale

Artist: Unknown, but they were local, and under a tent
Title: None
Label: Unknown
Cat#: None
Keywords: Tent, Music, Lo-Fi, Indie, Real Life
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

So, I was on a street near my apartment, going by a small strip mall complex with a few ignorable stores and what appeared to be a photography studio, when I heard a strange sound.


Wait… music? In real life?.. outside, in a busy commercial district, in the town I live? This was a strange occurrence, for sure.

It sounded peculiarly like… lo-fi indie rock, all very warbly mid-range guitar amp sound drifting to my ears, with maybe one or two women singing over it in roughly the same frequency range. Very magical. I looked over and found the origin of the sounds: they were coming from a small tarp-covered, makeshift stage in the parking lot of the strip complex. The parking lot was completely empty. I thought it was really interesting music, very unexpected. It was so hot outside and I had little time (very busy day!)… and it made me sad, because I very strongly had the urge to go to the parking lot they were playing, to an audience of no one, and dance for them. That maybe would have made their day, could have even made mine, too.

Alas, life’s disappointments are many.

It was a moment out of time and space… I wonder who they were? I wonder if my impressions, based on the floating bits of sound that managed to reach me, were correct? I may never know. But, they seemed to be enjoying themselves, and so I hope they were not discouraged by the lack of audience. Maybe, one day I’ll see them again, though even if I did, I may never know who they were.

Strange day…

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