Michael Skib – On The Variances…Horn Trio #2

Artist: Michael Skib
title: On the Variances…Horn Trio #2
keywords: classical,  experimental, horn, ambient

Michael Skib seemed to have teamed up with friends to give us horns!
Not the ones that are attached on top of a bull’s head, but the ones that can be played.
With ‘On the Variances…Horn Trio #2’ you can hear them in variances,
transporting different vibes that come across as story telling classical music.
There are happy moments, sentimental moments, heroic moments, uplifting moments and royal moments. There are a lot of moments really, and as every great classical composition should be: it gets a warm round of applause from themselves or other people listening in.
What can I say more? If you like classical horn trio’s than this is something you would be blowing your own horn for! Check it out over here, horn lovers!

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1 Response to Michael Skib – On The Variances…Horn Trio #2

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    This is making me horn-y.

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