Sarp Yilmaz – Kitten The Rebel EP

artist: Sarp Yilmaz
title: Kitten The Rebel EP
keywords: electronic, funk, house, jazz,

Sarp Yilmaz from Istanbul is here to make you dance. If you do not want to dance, than please look at the picture of the artwork and allow yourself to change your mind. Who can resist a furry friend squeezing its eyes for the sunlight? Yes, thought so!

the Kitten The Rebel EP starts with a track called ‘Shame (brand new funk) that is solid gliding on a funky electro baseline that makes you hop and perhaps hip to the funky rhythm. Sarp Yilmaz also adds fun with samples, vocals and scratches as the party vibes flow. Put your hairy paws up in the air and enjoy the fur Ball!

Than a more laid-back funky dance tune ‘Esoteric’ takes over.
It has this nice groove and move about it; making me as a listener step around on all fours like the funky cat from around the corner.
Feel the Rhodes piano, get that baseline in your body and dance to that funky ‘Esoteric’ stuff until the night comes!

Oh, Funky Cats and kittens unite, as Sarp Yilmaz invites us for a Tango!
Move the tables and chairs aside as we are waltzing the tango while Sarp Yimaz provides it with a sexy jazziness. What do we need more?
Ah yes, a fine swing beat would be good with that loosely played piano!
I feel like this is music for intimate times in the sun or just relaxing while you watch someone else shuffle their tango moves to Sarp Yilmaz pleasant form of music.

The last track is ‘Moving On’, which doesn’t mean to go elsewhere, but probably do some more chilled out dancing. It is really nice and sunny music, almost a bit like that good old Moby (what has happened to that tea loving guy?) became popular for once in our long forgotten history.
But that’s just the spirit, this music of Sarp Yilmaz is different, It makes people and cats move.. they move.. we move.. We are moving on to provide a link to this lovely relaxing and groovy electro funk house EP:

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