Hassan K. – Decadance of Ispahan

Artist: Hassan K.
title: Decadance of Ispahan
keywords: electronic, noise, oriental, Persian, surf-like

Everyone loves a good debut. The debut of this and the debut of that, but without a dispute the following debut isn’t the same. This is not a normal debut that I’m attempting to write about, this is a very important debut. It’s the debut album of nobody less than the original artist Hassan K!
You might have heard of him, seen him pushing his sounds live on some obscure location, on flyers of crazy looking parties, and perhaps if you are him reading this; even in the mirror!  Hassan K. is everywhere and even if you have managed to evade him successfully, I guess now there is no turning back really! This is all about Hassan K! Hassan K and his debut album!

Without a good debut Hassan K, would have started his work somewhere in the middle, skipping the first part. But how to skip a debut? After all every artist should start somewhere when it’s about releasing music. But luckily Hassan K. did not skip it, but fully delivered his debut quite a while ago.
All the way back in the year of 2010, the year of traffic jams and delayed trains!
Of course Hassan K moved on, making and releasing new things, but in the rare case that you aren’t aware of Hassan K or his first release, you might have a great interest in going back in time and let your ears debut the original sound of Hassan K. in your (to the sound of Hassan K’s) virgin ears!

Like every debut release, Hassan K has named it a serious name:
‘Decadence of Ispahan’
And it contains tracks! Twelve of them and each filled up with the sounds of Hassan K!

Oh yes, and like most debut releases it starts with a track that comes all the way up front,
giving the listeners the early and most precious starter of sound where Hassan K is all about.
There is no better way to know if something is up your alley, than a ‘first impression.’
My first impression of Hassan K was as if he was something coming out of the jungle, on a sketchy looking self made vehicle that cuts leaves and pushes plants aside to make the way.
In other words my first impression of Hassan K. was impressive innovation and a little bit of mystery!

The mystery even enlarges when Hassan K. introduces us to a weather transformation by playing the music called ‘Late Spring’. In an instant moment beautiful Persian melodies erupted, making me see visions of Prince and belly dancing beauties! How much did I know that this music would turn up the mental knobs up a bit by delivering the modern breakcore beats, nicely chopped up pushing the oriental fairytale vibes into the ‘fun’ danger-zones! And I don’t know how your debut to Hassan K’s music is going at this point, but I just made my first debut as a belly dancing reviewer!

Hasan K continuous to impress with the swinging Persian surf rock called ‘Observatory Tremolo’ ,
It sounds authentic, traditional and hyper modern at the same time. Most of all it’s a good time to make your debut as a wild maniac on the dance floor pretending to be an lost aircraft.

With Nizam’s Court’ there is basically no way out! The ears have been officially been penetrated successfully with the contagious sound of Hassan K! He uses oriental melodies and speedy hardcore beats to create this court full of dancing lunatics. And yes, with that I mean you and me and all the new born fanboys/girls of Hassan K!

If you got already impressed by these excellent sounds, than brace yourself as this is just the beginning of Hassan K’s debut release. With ‘Electronic Robaïyat’ our talented producer friend (which we now virtually carry on our hands) he shows another direction, a touch of the more experimental side of electronic music.. It goes well together with the source of excellent magic in a track called ‘Haschashin’. It has that special moment, surrounded by edge modern experimentalism. Not bad for a debut, he?

But even though feeling the magic of these more chilled up sound tests, I must say that when Hassan K goes back on his surfboard and produces an energetic surf tune to go berserk on; I’m falling in love big time while my tongue drags on the floor and my feet try to avoid not to step on it. It is a difficult task as its yet again wild dancing time!

And the party vibe continuous with this drunken polka punk tune called ‘Seldjuq dance attack’. Who can resist the power of the ‘humpa humpa’ groove and the circus freaks that decorated it? Oh yes, it might be going a bit over the edge, a bit more in the crazy zone of delightful side of noise, but hey that aspect had not been featured on this debut And now it’s here feeding the feet more reasons to move! Move them wildly until we are hot as fire! Hassan K. knows how to do it, and does it! He doesn’t even care if there is a fire distinguisher around or not!

Can it be hotter than fire? Yes, in the world of Hassan K. it can be even hotter! To proof it Hassan K. brings an authentic sounding ‘Dervish party’ to the debut. A tune to feast on while being in an hypnotized state of mind holding hands with you non relative spiritual brother and sister! This is the magical side of oriental music that captures the vibes of love and brings us all together for some long forgotten traditional dance!

A dance that turns into a kicking Persian waltz that feels a bit like an after party moment for anyone still able to lift the feet and show some good moves! You might as well go for it and dance on ‘Takht’ because in the last farewell track of this successful debut release of THE Hassan K we might get slaughtered, raped by a goat and impaled for a future barbeque. I’m not sure what is going on but it’s definitely ‘The End’.

The debut of Hassan K was perhaps 4 years ago, but still very relevant and above all enjoyable today!
Persian melodies, oriental flares, adventures, strange modern beats and active surf music that will drive up the heath straight in to the outer limits zone!
Hot stuff this debut of Hassan K!

p.s. If you can count how much ‘debut’ and ‘Hasan K.’ has been written down in this review, you might have a chance of winning a lottery.

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1 Response to Hassan K. – Decadance of Ispahan

  1. Linda says:

    Like to add that Hassan K is on a little tour here and there in NL with Jankenpopp and Logosamphia. On the 30th in Dordrecht, Popcentrale (http://www.popcentrale.nl/Actueel/Agenda.aspx?date=2014/4/1#agenda876), the 2nd in Maastricht (http://www.lbbm.nl/archive/124/euro-drunk-simulator-with-hassan-k-jankenpopp-tryphellip) and the 3rd in Tilburg’s Gifgrond (http://www.gifgrond.nl).

    (And Hassan K is currently working on new stuff afaik..sshhhh)

    Party party party!

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