Re-Drum / Emerge / Joux Joux – Drone Strike Tour MMXIV

Artist: Re-Drum / Emerge / Joux Joux
title: Drone Strike Tour MMXIV
keywords: experimental, electronic, drone, dark ambient, noise
label: attenuation circuit

Re-Drum begins this drone collection starring three audio musketeers. The track is like listening to a tape a paranormal investigator would play to non-spirit believers as evidence for its intensive ghost busting research. Indeed the tape is full of whispery sounds, voices, some audio proof of poltergeist activities but mostly a form of life that we mortals can hear but can not see! Unless you have those kind of spiritual capabilities of course!

Emerge’s work on this release is not as safe as the previous heard work. Of course that one was spooky hearing the ghostly truth captured on that tape presented by Re-Drum, but Emerge’s track is different. With his audio output he transports us right inside a haunted house, and for the twenty minutes we are completely hopelessly trapped in this situation. Frightening appearance pop up unexpectedly, ghostly encounters that will freeze us with fear and also a curious curiosity.  The dangerous audio zone has also its beautiful sides, that is of course if you aren’t scared enough to pick them up along the way. This set by Emerge is to me really like a close encounter of being trapped in a real life haunted house where anything freaky can happen or appear! Expect the unexpected!

Joux.Joux is the last artist on this collaborative effort. This time we get tiny sparkles of dimmed lights, or hope shining through the barricaded windows. It’s as if morning has come and we have survived a psychotic night in an ancient hell house. But even though it is refreshing to see a new day arrive and we are still alive, we have to be careful not to be over excited. The music hides next to beauty a certain dark tension lurking around the corner, waiting to struck any moment! Slow shadows hiding the corner, planning their attacks on us the unwanted visitors. Will we ever get out of this music alive with our bodies and mind still intact? Will we write a horror novel when finally getting through the door into the safety of sunlight while the house makes noises on its own?

Get this release over at the following link and get possessed by it:

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