Limbo – X

artist: Limbo
Title: X
keywords: electronic, chill, chillout, cosmic, female, glitch, i love you, positivity, samples, universe

Limbo! I used to love it so much! You know limbo dancing; dancing with your buddy’s under a horizontal stick that is placed lower and lower for unpractical fun. The one with the most flexible body would win this dancing game as the others will end up crawled up in a corner with back pain and plenty of booze to ease it. Oh, yes! Limbo is lots fun!

No wonder that the artist called ‘Limbo’ is also bringer of the so called  ‘good vibes’. And you know what? You don’t even have to limbo-dance to dance on Limbo! Listening to this Limbo makes us feel as if we are all winners! And as Limbo let us go inwards by diving into your youniverse, we will feel accepted and love from the in as well as the outside!

This ‘youniverse’ by Limbo is very minimal, just using the essential vibes  coming from a rhythm machine and Limbo’s voice. Yes, a bit like the early tracks of ‘Peaches’ , but yet entirely different. Limbo doesn’t sound punk, neither juggles with fruits as if they are sexual organs or provides explicit lyrics and distortion. There is no guitar or riff either, because it’s Limbo! Limbo takes the sunny side of life, keeping it minimal so you can fill in the rest. That’s probably the whole point of ‘youniverse’, making the music your own, and enjoying Limbo alone or with friends. Limbo’s music honestly would be perfect for that limbo dancing game I was writing about earlier. But hey Limbo dancing on Limbo in your own ‘youniverse’ is perhaps a bit dangerous, so let’s not recommend it. But dancing to the music of Limbo would probably be fine and friendly fun too.

The next track ‘I Word’ starts with some warm synth fluff that loops and doesn’t hesitate to create a kissable atmosphere. It reminds me a bit of an old hip hop tune but that thought disappears when a sweet simple melody is played on top and replace that feeling with the lovable charm of playing an old pixel game. It’s cute, retro and pretty mysterious. The Lesbians under us will be proud!

‘Yeah Right’ is a really nice little tune; it has some really fun transitions and tempo changes. It has a nice rocking cool beat and a dreamy mini melody that keeps it all cute and sweet.

Limbo really has created a style of its own and it’s contagious. ‘Little Rascal’ is like baby hip hop with a very minimal approach of melody and beat and of course a baby rapping ‘hey, hey’s ‘.

The last track is nice too, and surprisingly opens up more depth in the world of Limbo, probably making it the deepest tune on this little but cute release. It’s playful how Limbo uses a voice as an instrument and integrates it with the other friendly sounds. It is a minimal labor of love what this Limbo has created over here. And if you buy one of the last copies of this record she will for sure show you her thankfulness!
She will draw you animals on request on the CD, write you a personal handwriting ‘thank you’ letter and if you manage to meet Limbo in real life; she might cuddle you to death!
Limbo loves you and ‘X’ proofs it!
Get this release over here:

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