Tostado and Dr. NoiseM – Hard Wired 3

Tostado - DrNoiseMartists: Tostado and Dr. NoiseM
title: Hard Wired 3
format: Tape Cassette
keywords: noise, experimental, electronic, glitch, harsh noise

Tostado’s side of ‘hard wired’ is pretty hard edged, it kicks in with a flush of noise that splashes in the face, than alarm bells from old school war time starts to horn their horns and basically all hell breaks lose. Well it’s not that evil to be considered hellish, but it does have an unreliable flow sorting my ears out with energetic rushes of noise.
It’s hyped up really and listening it to relax is basically a no-go. It is made to  erase your mind and fill it up with hiss and screeches of noise.

The other side of this release is taken care of by Dr. NoiseM. He loads up gently and then gives us an electric boost of rattle and shake speednoise. It is like Dr.NoiseM kidnaps us in some kind of noisy racing machine driving as fast as he could through an unattainable concours full of buzz, crunchy noise and crazy obstacles.
Hold on tight, fasten your seat belts because Dr. NoiseM will not let us go until he freaks our heads up with madness!

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