Almark – Implode

Artist: Almark
title: Implode
keywords: electronic
Reviewer: Mark Applemans

Almark is creating or has created an album called -ATD-, we are all here waiting like children under the chimney around Christmas time for it to drop. We hoped it will come this weekend, because we are reviewing only Marks this weekend.
Why? Beats me! I have no idea! But this is ‘MARK weekend’ and a Mark weekend without Almark would be like a chocolate pie without chocolate.
We also have this (perhaps flexable rule) that after this weekend we will never ever review a Mark again, so it would be a real shame if Almark would be missing out.

So that’s why I am here, informing about a track called ‘Implode’.
A track name that makes somehow sense in all the tension that the excitement has build up created in awaiting for this new album of Almark.. If it doesnt come out quickly we are going to ‘Implode’!

Almark informs its fans that it is a tune recorded at the same time when he was making/working on this long awaited –ATD- album! So it might give us a slight hint, or at least an impression what Almark has been cooking up in his audio kitchen.

So what does ‘Implode’ sounds like? It sounds like Almark!
It has a weapon of mass destruction as illustrative compagnionship, but soundwize I think instantly of a lonely cat tip-toeing on top of the keys of a keyboard.
The cat does it very carefully, going back and forth and takes its time, creating a strange melodie that Almark gives a higher weird factor by putting some strange ambience around it and of course a beat. It sounds a bit like a baby aphex who just plays with the beat to figure out what he would do when he is all grownup.

Everything all together is strange, slightly mystique perhaps. A little bit of space that makes me think of science fiction, minus the keyboard playing tip-toeing cat!
There are no lyrics because the cat probably ate them!

You can hear ‘Implode’ over  at the link on the bottom of this writing and give Almark a shoutout on his twitter if you like (or dislike) what you hear!

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1 Response to Almark – Implode

  1. Thank you for doing this review, a total surprise, loved reading it!

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