Mafe & Mark Kelly – Let Love

Artist: Mafe & Mark Kelly
title: Let Love
keywords: acoustic, blues, folk, happy healing
reviewer: Material Mark

Mark Kelly is a guitar playing sing & songwriter who does it’s best to avoid any mayor deals with big time labels because a lack of dedication.
But that doesn’t mean that Mark Kelly is not putting his heart in his music, its just that he don’t want to be enslaved by a world tour with a uptight manager dragging his suitcase with licensing deals.

It isn’t hard to imagine these music business types banging their fists on their desks ‘Damnit, we must find a way to sign that man!’. You can just see their faces exploding and set to tears when Mark Kelly turned down yet again another music deal. Mark Kelly isn’t in for the money; Mark Kelly is in for the music!

Everything that Mark Kelly does, from the strumming on his guitar, to the warm words he let escape from his lips, is done in this great quality. It’s warm and cozy; somehow he makes me think of a nice guy who is not bothered in the fast world, because he has already close contact with his own golden voice.

But Mark Kelly is polite too! He might not sign his name on a paper, but he let the lady’s go first! He teams up with one who claimed the undercover name ‘Mafe’ (I have no idea why she wants to be unanimous other than that she too is running away from record labels with contract deals) who sings with a warm loving voice a duet with the equally warm words from Mark Kelly. The result is a short but romantic love song that makes all listeners want to startup record labels and go for a hunt to sign these people! What do you want Mark Kelly? A car? A house? An apple or some tea?! Or can I just have your autograph on a white piece of paper, please?

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