Mark Archer – Flections

artist: Mark Archer
title: Flections
keywords: electronic, house, acid, downtempo, electronica, techno
reviewer: Deep Fried Mark

Mark Archer has many sides, electronica, house, funk, acid and the  list goes on.. He has been spreading his talents through the underground party scene, and no matter how doped up you are and what state of mind you are in; Mark can provide the right music at the right times!

As we have a Markathon going on here at this review blog (for a weekend we review only music made by Marks), I felt a bit to hyped up, to manic in this search for Marks. I needed to have something that would calm me down but at the same time would energize me enough not to start snoring. And as always Mark Archer provided the perfect music for this occasion!

It’s a short 3 track E.P. that is also perfect listening for after a heavy night of raving on a collection of colorful smiling pills. It is really nice and chilled out, with friendly baselines and easy going pretty electronic melodies and a funky beat that slaps us kindly  in the face to keep us awake. Perfect music to even take your wasted limbs out for a fried late night dance!

This is rave music for friendly chaps and chaperino’s around the early morning/deep in the night. The highlight is ‘afternoon at 4am’ that relaxing as it is, is groovy enough to make the lucky birds still left at the party; dance to ravers heaven! And me? Oh yes, I was dancing and fried too and feel excited to dive in the world of more Mark music!

Get this early morning, chilled afternoon, seduced evening chill pill music of Mark Archer over here:

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