Mark Browne – The Prejudices of History

Artist: Mark Browne
Title: The Prejudices of History
keywords: free improvisation, experimental, saxophone, percussion
label: Linear Obsessional Recordings
reviewer: Marco Waterpolo

And now it’s time for a different kind of Mark: Mark Browne!
He delivers quite an odd release that I feel very pleased to share with you.
Let me tell you about the tracks that it contains.

Trainsition (departure) sounds like Mark Browne is having fun playing a mouth harp and a (probably) stolen carillon bell from a local church. It’s a bit weird but it works out well.

Than Mark Browne goes forward with more eccentric stuff in a track he called ‘The Atheist Confronts The Miracle of the Outrageous Shirt, Head On’. It sounds like Mark is enjoying himself with things to rattle, plastic things, wooden pedals, a bottle? Only Mark Browne knows its secret instruments used in this recording, but the result is easy and listenable. It is a nice background for Mark Browne attempting to sound like an elephant calling another elephant around mating season. He blows his horn or whales it out between his lips, whatever he uses it doesn’t sound close to a real elephants call, but that’s a good thing; making it a very interesting sound of its own.

Mark Browne gives us than this magical title ‘ The Collapse of the Hideous and the Obscure’ and fills it up with what sounds like a strange sound improvisation using perhaps the inside frame of a bicycle wheel, a birdcage, a drumkit, or a electric saw? It is a mystery to me but this work of Mark Browne screams with neon colored letters ‘AVANTGARDE’!

I love Mark Browne’s sounds and it sounds like Mark Browne loves it too! Humanity on the Wane (Despite Ebbs and Flows)’ is the next work that he presents and its getting more intensive and deep. The strangest things are happening; warm flutes, weird sounds, scratched balloons, aliens? Meditative tools? I think Mark Browne has brought me in some weird wonderland and I can’t seem to find the way out!

I start to panic and squeak like a living pig on the table of a butcher! Or .. Wait.. No, nope! This is the last track of Mark Browne. He calls it ‘The Shadows of Dust are Found Wanting’ but to me it’s still a pig screaming! Mark Browne must be an eccentric personality who loves making and playing with sounds.
Check Mark Browne’s free downloadable release out over here:

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3 Responses to Mark Browne – The Prejudices of History

  1. I enjoyed your review of Mark’s album! The album actually comes with a PDF booklet which explains how the sounds were made and what was used – you don’t need it to enjoy the album of course, but it might help solve a few mysteries! It’s here-

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