mArk – clear

artist: mArk
title: clear
keywords: acoustic, ambient
reviewer: Mark Marksen

In case you are suddenly drowning in a overdoses of Mark reviews, do not worry! It’s just a simple Mark take-over, hearing music made by Marks all over the world, getting reviewed by reviewers that are also called Mark! It’s basically a Mark extravaganza! But we promise you after this weekend we will never review a Mark ever again! What a relief, he? Any more question marks?

The following Mark doesn’t play by the rules, or wanted to find a eccentric way how to distance himself from the other Marks. Of course this Mark does it with its excellent and original sounding music, but visual wise Mark chose to write the first letter of his name as casual as possible, while highlighting the ‘A’ by writing it downed a capital!
anArchy under the Marks are a phenomena we don’t have time for to discuss, but when it happens it hAppens quite nicely!

But let’s get back to why we are here for: praising and glorifying the sweetness of mArk that he so carefully captured in music within his track called ‘clear’.  It is a pretty example of what mArk is capable off and he does it all in an acoustic way that sounds easy as eating a pancake. I mean it’s easy digestible, easy listenable whether or not you are also a Mark. (Or a mArk..)

There is not a lot of things to say about it, let it be’clear’ that this isn’t a bad thing. It’s just nice stuff, no need to break a leg or twist the brain while mArk does its melodic thing. Just sit back and relax really. The only thing is that this ‘clear’ is only one single track, covering just 3 minutes and 29 seconds. So just try to relax in that time scale and all problems would be solved! Or perhaps try contacting mArk and ask him for more from where this came from.
Hear mArk’s ‘clear’ over at the following link:

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