Mark Lowry – Hyperactivity

artist: Mark Lowry
title: Hyperactivity
keywords: pop, comedy

Mark Lowry is a Christian comedian / sing & songwriter. You might have heard about him somewhere along the way.. He has been around for a while bringing fun entertainment to whoever was exposed by its output.

He is quite an active fellow, doing this and that and basically being all over the place.
Because we are having a Mark only weekend on Yeah I Know It Sucks, I really wanted to invite you to hear and see this special video clip of his, for a song called ‘Hyperactivity’.
Why? Because it’s hyper and when watching it your eyes will be like ‘wowawiewa!’ as there is so much things going on, Mark Lowry changes into so many characters, so many costumes, and so many craziness that it’s as good as unfollow able

You just have to see it, as its hyper creativity at its best! And the song isn’t bad either, really a fun theme song for anyone declared to have ADHD and for all us other weirdo’s who never went to a doctor because having no time for that!
Check out this marvelous video & song of Mark Lowry delivering craziness that is impossible to catch up with:


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