Mark.Nine – Asleep in the Kingdom

artist: Mark.Nine
Title: Asleep in the Kingdom
Keywords: ambient, new age, meditative
reviewer: Mark Seven Out Of Nine

Smiling away while cuddled up on the soft grass. A spot in the high hills watching other beautiful hills; a place that is still convincingly rich in magic and nature.  A small breeze sets the sounds of a dream-catcher alive and leaves from the tree in soft movement. A voice sings; she sounds so beautiful. Is this Mark heaven? The amazing synth is spreading far across the horizon, complimenting it with the perfect sound. The serene beauty that this mysterious landscape consists off is beyond my imagination. In fact this music must be a dream while I’m sleeping my hangover away in this amazing Mark kingdom.

This is just a little teaser, a sparkle of sound to get an impression of what to expect when Mark.Nine launches his awaited ‘Original Soundtrack’ release. A work that will  undoubtedly change the world as we know it, making it all green and natural again! Or am I just dreaming?

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