Mark ‘Oh

Artist: Mark ‘Oh
Keywords: rave magic
Reviewer: Mark Van Der Plas

Mark ‘Oh is a legend in its own field, he had spread love among ravers and all who grew up on his party tunes!
I was one of them and it must have done something to me along the way.
Hearing his songs back on the crazy zone of YouTube makes me feel nostalgic, wanting to go back to the nineties, where the good vibes where good and the rave scene wasn’t all about who can sound most hard or has the evilest synth.. Well, ha they had that too! But Mark ‘Oh was one of the bringers of good vibes, for the party generation that generated the ‘love parade’ and of course lots of profit for xtc dealers!

My personal anecdote is that it was a time without the Internet of today, lending a Mark ‘Oh’s ‘Magic Power’ album from a public library and copying at home for further enjoyment. Now everything would go straight up on some peer to peer network, but than it was library’s! Anyway, sorry for that Mark Oh, cause you deserved every penny for making these catchy tunes that are prominently glued to good memories! It got me through from down the hill to high up the hills!

I had never seen the video’s before! I just heard Mark Oh’s vibes everywhere! On the radio, out of boom blasters and from massive speakers! Everywhere they went they cheered me up!

The video’s are interesting though. Here is one featuring Gandalf the wizard before he was popular and a crying snow white:

No snow white or Gandalf in the ‘never stop that feeling’ Randy video:

..But a happy looking Mark’ Oh and equally lots of happy dancing people in the next video:

And with this I end this transmission!

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