MARK – Piece of shit

Artist: MARK
title: Piece of shit
keywords: funk jam, blues, funk, jazz
reviewer: Mark Mark

Some people go to the toilet; some do it in the bushes. Most of these (mostly) brown products are not very nice to look at, or to hear.. But when a MARK does it, it is completely something different!
Yes, when MARK makes a ‘Piece of shit’ it doesn’t smell bad, it smells like rosemary!
And then I did not even tell you how it sounds like! You will be amazed!
When MARK puts out a ‘Piece of shit’ it’s something we all should be jealous about, as these ‘Pieces of shit’ are simply jaw breakingly cool and nice to be around with!

I have no idea what MARK eats, if he has a special diet or uses special ingredients because his ‘piece of shit’ is the most chilled out funkiest space jam that ever came out of an anus!
It’s really cool and soulful and doesn’t seem to deserve the honorable title of ‘Piece of shit’.
But hey, if this is done easy peasy style, than we have to keep an eye out for more stuff produced by MARK, cause if this is just a ‘Piece of shit’ than I can’t wait for the real shit!
Hear this over here:

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