Mark Reinhardt – Fuck Monday Ep

artist: Mark Reinhardt
title: Fuck Monday Ep
cat: Nu-Logic039
keywords: electronic, techno, minimal
reviewer: Mark Nobuko

Back in the year of 2009 everyone had intercourse on a monday. Now in 2014 we don’t seem to take these rules so serious anymore. Looking back in the past, to the 10th of December 2009 we see a piece of history being released on the internet! A conformation of that different time with different customs was produced by a certain Mark Reinhardt who documented the life style of mondays by launching a free music release. Three tracks it had but the most memorable was and still is the now almost legendary ‘Fuck Monday’ anthem. It may not be downloaded by an massive crowd, but as you have ever heard the work in question it is undoubtedly an tune you won’t forget.

It’s made for the dancefloor, or grooving at home or moving on the move! It has a very to the point  rhythm that is kinda hypnotic and irresistible not to dance too. The music next to the excellent groove is actually very minimal, basically just some repetitive synth sounds providing the needed extra accents and of course the stimulating baseline. But what makes this tune and let it stand out is this wordily information spoken out by a tripped out english female sounding as she has recovered from a heavy night and now recalls what to do with the week. It is the creme of cool how she says things and trust me we would hump on mondays! A cracking tune that would be an epic tune for every chilled out deejay doing a set on a late sunday!

Track 2 was certainly far ahead of its time. Nowadays it’s all minimal dance music what the kids are listening. But in 2009 this was still a genre reasonable underground and more human and open for experiment. We can hear it in this track called ‘aura’, it is definitely on the edge of minimal techno, but it is also still human and creative. You can hear the person behind it, (in this case Mark Reinhardt) twisting the knobs and mixing it all on the spot to pure perfection. A relaxing soft acid-like sequence takes the rhythm up and down as if we are in some kind of delicious carousel of early techno music that knows what to leave out and what not!

The last track by our good producing minimal techno pioneer Mark Reinhardt is of course yet another tune made to get the body’s moving. Mister Reinhardt does it with precision and gives this one the full option with excellent use of dark synth placements, excellent effects that are perfectly timed and he succeeds in making an very authentic dark techno track that you only have to hear to know that we are dealing here with the original big deal of authentic old school techno coolness! This is and was the shit, people! Mark’s Reinhardt’s ‘While Working Out’ is a must have for old school techno fanatics, so you better download it for free and hear this master tune for yourself!

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