Mark Templeton – Ballads

artist: Mark Templeton
Title: Ballads
Keywords: experimental, ambient
Reviewer: Mark Jacobs

Hello? is it me you were looking for?
If you was wondering were Lionel Richie went, I might have a clue for you. He was last heard with my own ears in a track made by mad audio experimentalist Mark Templeton. It’s a track called ‘February 23rd’ , which is a date that probably refers to the day of kidnap and chopping up our dear Lionel.

But sadistically and statistically speaking he does sounds much better than how he was sounding before. Instead of popping up unattended with a stupid question, the new Lionel is calming and relaxing.

It’s actually quite genius what this Mark Templeton does over here and I can only guess if the other tracks are also made out of Lionel Richie’s or other artist that are close to their expiry date. The thing is that Mark makes something completely new and fresh that it’s hard to believe that it might be made by recycling.

The results are very new and ambient like, having depth and capture a certain beauty. Something to sit back with while it calms you down while puzzling if Mark chopped up more legends, or that it is all Mark doing impressions and then being reused to serve as his own ambient chill out tracks? Hello? Is it Mark Templeton you were searching for? Than you might want to presume to the next link:

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