Almark – -ATD-

Artist: Almark
Title: -ATD-
keywords: electronic, newwave, abstrait, ambiant, avant-garde, ebm, electro, eperimental, hypnotic, retro, trippy, melodic

32bit starts with a wonky stumbling drunk beat that invites back the sound of the eighties. When the eighties has arrived and Almark gave them space to provide the synths, we have been invited for a nice stay in the work of this twittering electronica artist.

But don’t think we will be welcomed with Almark on some kind of dance floor. When we enter he offers us a pair of flip-flops and when he shoves it on our feet we all feel slightly bizarre, a bit like as if we are on some kind of drugs. Strange! These flip flops by Almark must be the reason for the bouncy floor, the odd visions of rubber bouncing walls.

Did these Flip-flops made us high? Don’t flip out because Almark takes us even higher with a track called ‘high bias’. It’s really slow with a cool relaxed beat and a fine baseline. There is also this synthesizer sound that makes me feel as if Almark is pushing some kind of psychedelic gas inside the room. Is it laughing gas?

When my eyes get a bit drowsy my ears are informing me of another event in this happening created by Almark. Some odd looking fellows in bright orange and blue costumes decorated with neon lights are sliding up and down on magnetic poles. They are performing like they just came out of cirque du soleil show especially to disorientate and wow the guest of these Almark sounds away. High on flip flops, mysterious Almark gas upon our noses and strange acrobatics by Magnetic Pole-dancers. I thought this album would be retro, with sounds of the past but I find this performance very modern really. I might give these magnetic Pole-dancers some tap water at the end of this ride..

Oh… Oh..
The Almark place is transforming again! Please let us all hold hands and hope for the best! The walls are fading, the magnetic poles disappearing  and the flipping flip flops are suddenly hovering us all up to show a sizzling landscape under our feet. I’m afraid of heights so please don’t let me go alone on this breeze of mysterious synthesizer clouds. I had no idea about this, Almark. If I had known that we would go for a flight above Digital Mountians I would have recommended everyone to wear a parachute before slipping the feet in your flip-flops! But as we are here now; the view is pretty! Pretty intimidating too though!

What’s next? It seems we are landing directly in the underwater word of Binary Fathoms. Strange how refreshing it is and it’s nice that we can all just grab a loosely strapped base sound while bubbling in this blue world. There are some really nice things to see here, fishes, water, seaweed, coral and statues of that dead guy from Apple.. It’s a bit weird that we have no difficulties breathing, also we not seem to get wet and the flip flops have grown into flip flop flippers. The stream of Almark -ATD- visitors slips through an underwater curtain and …

…Wow and Flutter! This must be the romantic under water caves were hidden treasures from oriental retro pirates have been left behind. It’s a nice flippering swim among gold and glitter, starfishes and trumpet playing seahorses! Hey what is that? The lamp of Ali Babba? Let me get that one!

Oi! A strange looking captain has turned up. Was he the owner of the lamp or did we just face another illusion? The Captain (who is named Capstan) hands us the lamp! But upon close inspection it is a telephone! The captain orders to listen through the horn but it’s the tone of someone not picking up. The captain doesn’t talk but is a bit like a mime player. He turns his head like a cute puppy as if he doesn’t understand that the person on the other side of the Alli Babba lamp phone had already hanged up the line.

Almark moves us through in search for another project to see, hear and do. Ah, I like this tune! It’s like enjoying a fresh idea and feeling content with it. Cool music for moving along this world of Almark and probably the real world too. We feel protected with this bubbling easy going flow, as if a bubble protects us from all what can go wrong! Super retro and nICe!

Suddenly we are back in the Yeah I Know It Sucks office! A track well known around here is playing. It’s ‘TapeHead’. A really nice tune that reminds me a bit of the secret ambient files of a well known music maker. Hey who’s that? There is a robotic looking guy entering with a tape as a head! Oh my! He starts to breakdance in the robot style! Wow! He brings new music while he sings words coming through a vocoder!
What is this magic? That my friends, that is -ATD-! The one and only!

-ATD- picks us all up and start to carry us on his back. He doesn’t look strong but he definitely is. He moves on a funky rhythm with a funky but sneaky synthetic baseline. One of you other listeners can’t keep his mouth shut and must say ‘impressive’ a couple of times. But than we are all silenced with a funky horn that gives this track a complete new dimension of jazziness. Really nice stuff again!

This was I believe the last track on the album and it really felt like a nice ending for our fantasy trip in the intoxicated world created with the music by Almark. What follows next is five different takes/remixes of some of the highlights on the album.
Good use to listen while getting back and ready to face reality. Our flip-flop flippers are gone but we still have the music!

Want to go for a trip? Move over to Almark’s -ATD- album:

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7 Responses to Almark – -ATD-

  1. Laughs, great review, I just woke up to this, I got a laugh, you guys always make a creative review, and always interesting. Shows it to all his friends. Thanks!

  2. I love it! this’s an amazing review, So funny but still very interesting, think -ATD- is a great álbum for every moments. Congrats my friend! this’s the way your music is growing up and I’ll be with you and supporting all of this.. 🙂

  3. Thank you Laura, always supportive always there, they did a good job. I wonder what Alex Spalding (another reviewer here) would have said, would he have worn some flip-flops too? Oddly the album is based on Analog and Digital names but this, this was just funny but very creative.

    • Alex Spalding says:

      Steel-toed shitkickers.

      Or, I would have just taken my shoes off at the door like Mr. Rogers and then put on a comfortable pair of house sneakers.

  4. haha, you people are crazy, love it!

  5. I never thought people would perceive that I was Captain Nemo, taking them on a digital underwater adventure haha.

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