Jmark – Somewhere Towards Home

Artist: Jmark
title: Somewhere Towards Home
keywords: hip-hop, rap, blues
reviewer: Marq De Sade


Jmark in tha house!

Seriously, Jmark’s album ‘Somewhere towards Home’ deserves a shout out!
It is a hip-hop album that keeps things real as Jmark keeps his raps close at home,
rapping like a Pro! (Not to be confused with the noise artist Pro Mark)
His flows are smooth and the mood is surprisingly positive! Jmark’s words are friendly and without doubt his raps pass his lips from his heart and soul on top of his tongue!
And this is all happening on nicely programmed beats that keeps the head bumping.

Read also the nice ‘thank you’ note that comes with this release and you know that Jmark is keeping it realer than real.
I have to admit, I know ‘shit’ about hip-hop or rap (I’m keeping it real too!) ,
but these tunes sounds fresh and slick!

Big shout out to the crew from the East West North South Side!!
Check this out:

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