Mark Franklin – Beyond

artist: Mark Franklin
title: Beyond
cat: kahvi183
keywords: electronic
label: Kahvi Collective

Hello and welcome back at another special Mark in the history of Yeah I Know It Sucks! It is Mark weekend and we are basically giving you an overdose of the Mark(s) out there. there are so many music makers called Mark, that it’s really reMARKable that we did not have a special Mark Holliday or something else in that kind to celebrate their existence! Oh well, let’s hope that this Mark weekend on Yeah I Know It Sucks will change things or at least do the Mark(s) some justice.

The Mark that this post is about is a special one. It is Mark Franklin! Yes, you might have heard of him before because this Mark is an excellent producer that even had been taking serious by big time electronica lovers from the one and only Warp Records! If that doesn’t  gather your interest you might want to know that this long track of Mister Mark Franklin is completely free and legal to download and share with your friends and enemies. And trust me, it proofs that music is just as good when you pay for it as when you don’t!

Te person behind the Kahvi Collective had managed to get in touch with Mark Franklin as one of his tracks had really inspired him to start producing his own music. Music that we will not review this weekend, because it is Marks Only, but for sure will end up in the ears one day or another. But thanks to the enthusiasm and the help of Mark Franklin this track ‘Beyond’ (taken from his EP The Long God Saturday @ Herb Recordings) had ended up for free download for every Mark and non Mark to chill out on.

Yes, Mark Franklin does everything ‘Beyond’ the imagination to make this track a comfortable place. He brings a friendly baseline to the mix, chilled out beats, a woman saying something like “higher’ and actually produces a really nice relaxing electronica track. Mark Franklin takes its time but does it without being boring, he just knows how to stretch a track out to make you feel as if you have been visiting a massage parlor instead of ahistorical listening to a free downloaded mp3 randomly placed somewhere on the Internet.

Not that this is a random lost and found placed mp3 on the Internet! This is a well placed, captured, curated and cherished work of Mark Franklin! Delivering to you what he does best; making excellent chilled out laid back electronica.
Get ‘Beyond’ Mark Franklin and get ‘Beyond’ by Mark Franklin over here:

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