Mark LaFountain – Machine Man

Artist: Mark LaFountain
title: Machine Man
keywords: ambient, electronic,
Label: Mind Veneration
Reviewer: Mark Nobuko

Hello and welcome at another Mark review by your host Mark. Yeah I Know its Mark, and this review is part of a special Mark weekend. It’s basically all about the Marks and the music they produce. But before going mental on the reMarks, let’s go forward to the music of a certain Mark LaFountain.

This Mark is not a mechanic, but he is I presume a kind of Machine Man. He brings a tribute about it which strangely starts with a remix by two non marks. The Smith & Tinker are the ones who have started this fest by remixing Mark’s Machine Man. It is strange to start with a remix before hearing the exclusive original single version of Mark himself, but for what I can hear it’s pretty darn cute for non-Marks. It’s like friendly electronica that is kind of sweet like butter and cheese.
The steady rhythm makes it sensible to keep it called Machine Man, but in my opinion it could also have been called ‘cute electric daisy’.

But let’s listen to the original version by the Mark LaFountain! Ah, yes! That’s Mark alright, always saving the best for last, being polite, letting the ladies go first and wows us all away with the original Mechanic Man tune. It’s (sorry remixers) definitely so much better than the remix, it has this punchy mechanic sounding power beat, and for some reason everything seems to be much more upfront, better mixed and just goes through the tradeMark stamp of approval without any difficulties! Electronic music for Mechanic Man and all who needs some melodic works coming out of the never ending fountain of creativity of Mark LaFountain!

Mark proofs itself one more time with a lovely and sweet melodic electronic piece called ‘Polychrome’. There is no beat needed to showcase that Marks potential outlives everyone’s dreams with cute easy listening potential. Mark is not only a Mechanic Man but Mark is also a Melodic Man! Mark LaFountain is The Man! So be sure to check out Mark LaFountain’s music out at the following link:

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2 Responses to Mark LaFountain – Machine Man

  1. Thank you, Mark, for such a nice review of my ‘Machine Man’ E.P. ‘I’ll take ‘never ending fountain of creativity’ any day 🙂

    Mark LaFountain

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