Mark N – live P.O.R.N. Belgium 2004 / Speedcore

artist: Mark N
Title: live P.O.R.N. Belgium 2004 / Speedcore
Keywords: turntablism, speedcore, scratching, hardcore, breaks, a real f*cking deejay!
Reviewer: Mark Ark

We at Yeah I Know It Sucks have collected a lot of Marks, some are cool, some a bit weird, some eccentric. They all dribble in music, from ambient, folk, experimental, techno, blues, funk to hip-hop and rave. but I have to say that even though they are all great in their own way, my ultimate ‘WoW’ moment is delivered here by one singular Mark that blew my mind away!

Mark N

Don’t forget this name because seriously this guy got an amazing talent! His tool is turntable-ism and with this he slams all the fake ass pussy lame jake-ass deejays of their coke thrones! Try to beat Mark N on the desks and all these so claimed super stars will fail behind their own comprehension! This guy, Mark N, is something else!

Just look at this live performance in the video on the bottom of this collection of words and let him blow your mind away with pure skill! A true master of vinyl, conquering beats, scratches, into a vulgar extra ordinary hands on fantastic set! Really, this guy is freaking wicked! He works hard freaking up the place and creating incredible energy that goes from gangster break style to fast paced on the spot created speed core!  Truly my all-time favorite of all Marks and probably also of all real deejays!
Check this out!!

Mark N, ladies and gentlemen! Mark N!

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