Lokist – Noise

Artist: Lokist
Title: Noise
Keywords: hip-hop, electronica, beats, dark, noise, trap
label: French for Death records http://frenchfordeathrecords.bandcamp.com

I was getting into this record like a moth attracted by the flames. Expecting something loud and noisy, my ears got treated with a unsuspected surprise. The album starts with a dangerous sounding tune called ‘We’re strangers. I’m sorry.’. A piece of interesting electronic music that glues a electronic  hip-hop beat with a certain spooky experimentalism. It has a nice dramatic vibe with deep synth base womps hinting through its mysterious and sad inducing melody. It is good stuff and is not only something unexpected but also something that my ears not have come across. ‘original’ is the word that I was searching for.

And the originality as well as the heavy vibe continuos with the track ‘GG/BB’. This tune has the same dark feeling to it, but pushes a nice flow of synths and a programmed beat that occupied by some wicked accentuating bad ass male vocals. It’s a contagious experimental electronic hip-hop track with a solid dark attitude that is kicking ass over here!

Then a little bit of a ‘moment’ to refresh with a bit of a breaking point carried out by a simple piano pattern and similar sounding synth melody. Not as dark or cool as the first two impressive tunes, but nonetheless good for some fresh air.

The ‘Ihateeveryonethatiknow.smg’ is lovely sounding in all it’s glorified sadness. It has a cute & deep melody that basically feels like looking inwards, hating everyone around you while always having yourself and this tune to turn into. It’s a melody that makes me want to cry, but in a good emotional way. Hang in there readers, we will get through this review without wet spots on the screen. Cause we re strong!

And if we had a little break down of internal emotions, the track ‘Summer Slam’ pushes us enough strength to handle life and all the dumb ass idiots that surrounds us!
Summer Slam, is a tune that will make it’s listeners strong with a powerful flow, wicked vocals, beats and energizing toughness.

Of course by tasting this forbidden fruit of power, we need more! And Lokist delivers that with the wicked tune ‘Saekosocial’! It’s short, but really has the great ‘kick everyone’s ass’ attitude, showcasing a great rocking tune with tasty nastiness in the shape of great punching melodic riffs, hip hop ‘hey’s’! A successful source for energy!

The last track is ‘I’m not calling you’, which has a nice flow and feels a bit as a goodbye tune. It is clearly the end when Lokist hangs up on us! The artist might not be calling us, but you might want to get this great release anyway! Check it out over here:

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