Mooseheeaad – Floppy

Artist: Mooseheeaad
title: Floppy
keywords: experimental, chords, glitch, pads, slow, Denmark

Nothing beats like a wet beat. It beats as it has to beat and by doing it in an easy flow of a beating it would be quite impossible to find a person who doesn’t enjoy this beat. The beat isn’t alone, but it is the most prominent partner in this floppy track.

See it as an orchestra director standing in the middle, waving his stick in order to create the other sounds playing at the right tempo.
The members of this orchestra are pretty much stripped down. We can hear an electronic base, a warm Rhodes like instrument and that is it really. I guess this isn’t an orchestra really, but hey this isn’t a real review either. It’s rather just an excuse for me to listen to this very relaxing single tune. Perhaps that’s enough reason for you to join me in this music listening mode?

Like all the good thing in life; it comes in two! And so it happens that we are dealing here with two versions of the same track. I believe it’s probably because the artist couldn’t choose between them and instead of making a decision in what tempo the track should have been played; Mooseheeaad just included them both.

Not that anyone asked me for opinion; but personally I prefer the second version. It’s nicely slowed down as if a record player has been dusting away and now takes its time to spin around. It’s relaxing when you play this one on repeat. But if you are bored and want to spice it up by adding some speed, you just move yourself back to the first one. Endless fun, indeed!

Chose the one you like and give that beat a standing ovation when you had enough of it. (or not..) But if you want you can get it over here, friendly friends:

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