Satanatum – Joyful Convulsions

Artist: Satanatum
title: Joyful Convulsions
format: Floppy Diskette / digital
keywords: alternative, DIY, dark electro, darkwave, post-punk, lo-fi
label: Weakie Discs

Joyful Convulsions is a single song by a strange character called Satanatum.
Within a short time scale he turns from a black ugly duck into a full grown evil nephew of Lucifer himself. Well perhaps not that fully grown, as he still has to fit on a small little floppy diskette.
There he waits for you, (or for someone else) until he can pop out to sing his song of Joy.
He might wink his evil eye, but it’s all in the name of old fashioned fun.
The lyrics are made for misunderstandings, which makes this release even more interesting than it already is. (‘My hands are strangling my balls? / My feet are destructing my soul? / I’m dancing with the future over your corpse?)
Satanatum might have an evil synth as companionship and a steady beat to groove on,
but it’s truly his vocal performance that steals the show!

Adopt Satantum’s Joyful Convulsions and let it fill up that missing part in your family.
It can be stored easily, cherished and loved forever and will play for you when you need it the most!
No need to draw pentagrams, doing rituals with candles and selling your soul to an unknown stranger. Just get this Floppy Diskette and enjoy the friendly Satanatum in your home!

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