Vaginal Ass – Satanic Pombur

Artist: Vaginal Ass
title: Satanic Pombur
cat: AAR0027
keywords: noise, harsh noise, SATANOISE
label: Angry Arnold Records

After the big successful single called HARSH NOISE ATTACK, artist Vaginal Ass returns with a newer than new release! This time it is named ‘Satanic Pombur’ which leaves a lot of questions ringing.

What is a ‘Pombur’?

Friend/Enemy Google informed me that it could be a village in India, or the abbreviation of pomegranate burnettes.. More fun is the Pombur meme generator, to create all the possible memes to spread through the social media networks.

Could it be that this meme generator is indeed Satanic? Or is it that village or the abbreviation of pomegranate burnettes?

What are burnettes?

Burnettes are probably Brunettes on fire.. That sounds in fact pretty Satanic. Anyway to make a long story a tiny bit shorter; Vaginal Ass gave this release a much vaguer title than it’s previously discussed ‘hit’ single.
I wonder if that’s done on purpose and if it will affect the fan club of this talented Vaginal Ass?

Hello, Warp records here, we would really like to sign Vaginal Ass to our label, would you be able to give the contact details of Vaginal Ass?


Sorry about that, it wasn’t a relevant question that was ringing.. Besides we have something else to do over here. We have to explore this release! What is it really about? How does Vaginal Ass sound this time? Will Vaginal Ass still be the same after his previous underground Success story?

Vaginal Ass is taking a more commercial approach this time. For a start we can hear Vaginal Ass delivering a introduction in which the artist seems to have swallowed a vocoder and a megaphone (batteries included). It’s unfortunate that we can only hear the audio as it must have been a great thing to watch. It’s  probably the most human side my ears have heard from this well respected artist.

The release goes forward and Vaginal Ass gives us SKB 4. No, don’t worry it isn’t a disease. It’s Vaginal Ass being mysterious again!

What is SKB 4?

Vaginal Ass brings in a relevant beauty of noise, it is a pleasant one, not all that harsh on the ears but more like an airplane engine captured from a relatively ear safe distance.
It fly’s and burst it’s flames through the sky and we are the lucky birds listening to it on the front row.

Unlike the previously praised work of Vaginal Ass, this noise is not one wall of sound, but shows actual movement. It is perhaps because the engine is facing wind directions, fuel problems or just regularly slowing down to bump into thick clouds.
It’s hypnotic when you really go for it  and you might discover a really warm tone shining through in the background. Vaginal Ass farts a pure beauty and I don’t know about you, but hearing it I feel extremely moved by it. Was the inspiration of this track the last flight of that airplane that went missing?

Let’s listen to the last track on this release by Vaginal Ass..
Ah! Yes! That’s the Vaginal Ass that we all have learned to love! His work ‘GAZ-66’ comes close to the sound that my brain had connected with how the Vaginal Ass should sound! This is Vaginal Ass at its best! This is the one and only Vaginal Ass proving that he didn’t get all soft and friendly on the ears, the last track is a short but effective harsh noise wall!

Vaginal Ass has shown that his repertoire has grown, he can be more sentimental and polite, but secretly we all love Vaginal Ass for giving these steady blows of harsh noise. When can we expect the next video on MTV?

So what about this Satanic Pombur?

Satanic Pombur is an Satanic assistant driller!
A new release by Vaginal Ass…
And you can hear it in action over here:

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2 Responses to Vaginal Ass – Satanic Pombur

  1. retAARd (VAGINAL ASS) says:

    Thanks for great cool review, sorry for some problems with russian abbreviations.
    Real, I can tagged this album how as “harsh field recordings”, but dont do this

    • kainobuko says:

      Hi Vaginal Ass,
      You make me feel star-struck! 🙂
      It’s great to see you here in person writing a comment on our humble blog. Most big time artist don’t seem to have the time for it. Really apreciate your work. Please stay in touch if possible, would love to hear more of you, Vaginal Ass.

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