Moonslice – Cat

Artist: Moonslice
Title: Cat
Keywords: chill out, lounge

Does anyone fancy a nice slice of cake? Or what about a pizza slice?
Na? You ate already? What about a relaxing Moonslice? It is something you can’t really refuse, and it is small making it perfectly digestible for people paranoid about their weight.

A delicatessen of music really that starts with a sweet layer of soft cream as ‘yooo’. It’s a secret ingredient, but it’s extra fluffy when you let the teeth in your ears sink in it.

Then the musical taste buds will enter the flavor of the middle point. It’s like soft but descent dough. Having some piano, lounge chill out vibe that hangs in your mouth for a full minute or so. Licking your lips in ‘dobis’ delight!

The bottom part is the rich taste of ‘formuoli’. It’s like eating a small sized fresh strawberry ice-cream how it moves about in its slow relaxing tempo . Never thought a lovable ‘cat’ would be such a nice dessert, but hey I never thought that a Moonslice could make sounds too! So that’s two things to be flabbergasted about really! Glad Moonslice’s ‘cat’ is here to calm us all back down again:

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