Ogun Oru – Lost and forgotten mental places

ogunArtist: Ogun Oru
title: Lost and forgotten mental places
cat: FCKBS 007
keywords: video, Noise, dark ambient, darkwave
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

Forget VHS.
Don’t even think about DVD’s.
Do not waste your time spending on Blue Rays!

The physical video medium of the future is here and basically had never left!

Here are some of the excellent features:

**More reliable than all the formats called above!

“”easier to keep because of its compact size!

“”No annoying country code restrictions!

“”Is affordable!

“”Outstanding supreme video quality!

“”Dolby surround super suck!

“”And it looks damn cute!

Oh yes!

From now on you will be able to avoid the cinema,
Pop some popcorn in the microwave
And enter a new era of home movie entertainment!

Welcome in a bright future!
Welcome in the Floppy Future!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Floppy Cinema!

Where other familiar formats fail (too expensive, too much bullshit, crap quality) one format prevails and outlives them all!
And now it’s on the map as a carrier for complete movies!

There might not be a lot of titles out at this moment of reporting about this excellent phenomenon, but trust us it won’t be long before even Hollywood will start to resell its ‘Laurel and Hardy’ collection on floppy diskette!

But for now might I recommend the thrilling master piece named:
‘Lost and forgotten mental places’

It is an exciting movie, written, filmed, directed, orchestrated, penetrated and acted by Peruvian film director and composer Ogun Oru!

I’m not a film critic, and won’t give any spoilers what it is about and what all the ins and outs are, but I’ve watched this movie with my mouth wide open from pure amazement!

It’s shot in beautiful black and white, featuring mind blowing camera angles, a great interesting visual story line, and also the soundtrack is very thrilling and exciting! It doesn’t happen often to see a complete movie using experimental drone music as it supporting soundtrack.

So what are you waiting for?
Dive into the new future of home cinema and get your hands on one of the most impressive movies ever to be released on a floppy disk!
ogunnOh and I forgot to tell you;
There are only 5 copies of this movie in the world! So if that’s not an art house cinema collector’s item, than what the hell is?

Be quick and get one over at Floppy Kick!

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