Room Nine Unlimited – Panacea

Artist:Room Nine Unlimited
title: Panacea
keywords: electronic, upbeat, techno, psy, dance?
label: Lab Room Unlimited

Hi! How ya doing skipper? Ready for some horse riding? The horse is ready! In fact it’s already riding without you.. No need to bring out a ladder as you have to keep al your strength to keep up with that little horsey of yours! Huhuhuhiphip! Run and hop as fast as you can and if you manage to take your legs close to the horse on the lose just jump! Jump sideways! Oh yes! You’ve done it! How does it feel? Galloping on the horse at full speed? Oh yes you didn’t expect to do this horse riding without complimenting synthetic violins did you? Follow that horsey rhythm and laugh! Feel the wind blow through your hair and enjoy the muscular horse power provided by your happy go lucky horse! If riding on this horse doesn’t make you feel like you just have conquered Thousands of Empires, than what else would? Room Nine Unlimited really provides the ultimate music for a great horse riding experience! Happy, lucky, energetic and that galloping rhythm is Also for the horse itself a huge feast to moves its hooves on!

Now let’s make this a great start to lift the challenge up a bit. Here eat these ‘brain waves’.

Ready? Here is a blackbird (yes the legendary one) packed with saddle on its back; take a seat settle in and hold on tight! Woohoo! Look at you! Hyper speed going through cartoon landscapes, blue skies and everyone is immortal! The sun is shining and the blackbird runs his almost invisible legs up and down the hills through valleys and other orgasmic sceneries! The blackbird runs so hard that it has now lifted up from the earth, running from cloud to cloud! Are you in a hurry my friend? You are doing excellent!

Now you have arrived at your final destination. Look around you.. Do you recognize the place? Neither do I! It’s probably because this place was properly hidden for the normal people. This is the City of the lost city’s cone! A place were the only inhabitants are made out of psytrancers and tripped out ravers! The only way normal people would have end up here is by doing the horse riding and blackbird riding challenge successfully! And you have done it! Congratulations! Now have fun and dance with the citizens of the lost cities cone!

Are you ready to take up this challenge? Than try to catch the horse and challenge the blackbird over here

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