Silent Cicada – Pear of Anguish

artist: Silent Cicada
title: Pear of Anguish
keywords: experimental, glitch, drone, noise
label: Black Fires

Silent Cicada isn’t very silent when it starts to flush it’s ‘Pear of Anguish’  release through the ears. But be thankful for that as it is a nice noise piece that is pretty relaxing in sound. For a noise track it sounds quite fresh and not out there to destroy, but delivers more a place where you can hide in. Comfortably hidden away in a fuzz that has interesting and touchable movements along the way, making your stay one to be remembered.

The sound changes gradually while inside the noise lots of things are happening, all there not to annoy you but create a kind place to trip in. Smooth deep sound touches & high buzzing that create slow but special stereo effects treating one ear at a time. It’s all very hypnotic, and almost organic in an industrialist way. It’s an abstract experience that is perhaps very loud, but to me comes across as extreme ambient for psychedelic high times!

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2 Responses to Silent Cicada – Pear of Anguish

  1. Linda says:

    Agreeing with the review! Very relaxing and close-off-from-colleagues with this noise on the headphones. And a lot less distracting than sad folk songs 🙂 Could have lasted an hour for me.

  2. Silent here! Thanks for the listen, review, and plug. I quite enjoyed reading it! Oh, one small correction – the label is Black Fires, not Textured Sounds Netlabel. Going to fix the bandcamp to make that a bit more obvious. Thanks again for checking out my work!

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